Rust: The Longest War


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.75

Rust is not something we think about all the time.  Actually, most of us don’t notice rust until it is taking over some piece of metal.  We are all familiar with the color but this goes much deeper than just the surface.  Waldman does a great job finding people who have a passion for rust, or the prevention of rust, he travels around with various people seeing what it is really like in their jobs.  One over the top character who loves his job as Officer of Corrosion Oversight and Policy Dan Dunmire, to Alyssha Eve Csuk who makes a living photographing rust. Waldman travels to find out how DoD is looking to save the government money on rust prevention, to the American Galvanized Association and their disdain for DoT for letting so many bridges rust rather than using galvanized.  The technology in the Pigging operation in the Alaskan oil pipeline blew me away.  Waldman opened my eyes to the damage that rust can do and to the fine people looking to save our world from corrosion.



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