The Obsidian Chamber (Pendergast #16)


Title: The Obsidian Chamber

Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Rene Auberjonois

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.25

With Pendergast being lost at sea, Constance is in disarray. She decides to retreat to the subbasement that has been her hideaway for so very long.  Proctor is giving her the space she has asked for.  One day the world is flipped upside down.  Diogenes has survived being thrown into the volcano and comes back to woo his one true love.  Diogenes has set up the ultimate escape plan and gets Constance out of the Riverside Drive Mansion and leads Proctor on a chase around the world.  When Pendergast finally reemerges his world is turned upside down.

This book was not the best in the series. I think that having read all the books beforehand helped with this story because this story does not do the normal character building that I have come to know from Preston and Child.


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