I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

CB I may be wrong

Title: I may be wrong, but I doubt it

Author: Charles Barkley

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Charles Barkley

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.5

Charles is pretty candid throughout this book.  Written just after he retired he wasn’t exactly sure where his life was headed.  This book is his musings on past, present and future trajectory of his life.  This book is 15 years old at my reading.  So some of his views may have changed.  Barkley has always been pretty outspoken.  But when someone who likes to speak their mind writes a book, what do you expect.  He talks a lot about race, because he says we don’t really talk about it enough. He thinks there is this uncomfortable stigma that surrounds race relations that if we brought it to light that we could start tearing down the wall.  This book was written soon after his retirement from the NBA, so sports are still pretty fresh on his mind.  He talks of hanging out with Warren Moon, and they are talking race and prejudice.  Moon remarks how there are no black 3rd string QB’s in the NFL.  He says this is because you either have to be good enough to start or you aren’t really making the team.  Barkley talks about how he saw racial tensions throughout his NBA career.

Barkley also talks about his love for the state of Alabama and how he said some people approached him and wanted him to run for Governor.  He loves his home state but I think this would have been hilarious because although he can be a serious guy, but I have seen many interviews where he seems to be quite a jokester.

Barkley also talks about how the NBA has changed since his tenure there.  He also discusses the NBA draft and how the team with the highest picks are most in need of help and how high school players really don’t help teams much for 3 years.  He also talks about how the NCAA should pay players because with such low graduation rates amongst basketball players they aren’t at the school to graduate.  They are they to make the school’s stadium full during basketball season.  Barkley also goes on a long tirade about NBA owners not trying to win championships because they are making good money either way.


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