Rest is The New Sport: Identify Your Fatigue, Improve Your Recovery, decrease your biological cost


Title: Rest is The New Sport: Identify Your Fatigue, Improve Your Recovery, decrease your biological cost

Author: Jef Geys

Format: Ebook

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3.5

“A Person With normal fatigue feels tired; a person with abnormal fatigue feels sick.”

“People in the East place more importance on the body’s well-being… Westerners see it differently.  We usually give our all to our job, our family and friends; and we only think of our own health after we’ve taken care of everyone else.”

In our current pace of having to always be doing something and having to get this done and having to get that down.  As American’s “before we know it even our down time is exhausting”.  “We see tiredness as a weakness – we want to keep our head above water at all times, no matter what it takes.

This book tries to lay the groundwork for you to analyze your life find out what your stressors are and things that may have been giving you extra stress that you may not have realized.  Like if you have had a mentally stressful day and you decide to go hit the gym extra hard.  Well, your body is unable to find ways to rest on both of those fronts. So that workout you thought was pulling your stress levels down may have been adding to your overall fatigue.  Geys suggest lower impact workouts like walking or swimming because a workout will lower your hormone levels but you don’t want to overtax your body.

Trying to look at the whole body Geys also talks about emotions.  “Emotion is the feeling you experience without thinking.  It’s your first and fast interpretation of a situation.” “Just as reasoning can suppress your emotions, your emotions can do the same to your reasoning.  In times of intense stress, you no longer respond rationally your reflexes and instincts take over.  “Both ignoring your emotions and giving them free range are unhealthy reactions to stressors.”

Geys goes into how exercise is the only burden on our body that we have complete control of.  We don’t have control of work or life but we can control whether or not we push ourselves really hard at the gym.  Geys does not suggest not pushing yourself at all but all throughout this book he looks to get you to slow down analyze your stressors and find a way move forward.




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