Giant of the Senate


Title: Giant Of the Senate

Author: Al Franken

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Al Franken

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.5

“Sometimes people are judged more on how they handle the mistake than the mistake itself.”

This book was released in May of 2017, a little before his sexual harassment case.  This book is more about his plight from being a comedian to Senator.  Franken discusses the many people he was able to meet, constituents who had an impact on him.  Like a veteran who had a service dog.  After meeting with the Veteran multiple times and discussing how the dog was helping the Veteran, Franken wanted to start a study to see about service dogs helping veterans cope with life after war.  Franken who has been a comedian almost 3 times as long as he has been a senator has not lost his sense of humor.  Since this is an audiobook, he is able to add inflection to his jokes.  Mainly because he doesn’t want people to mistake what he has said for something that is not a joke.

The first half of the book is all about getting to the Senate.  How he initially became interested in politics, and how like most people who are in politics say it is because they wanted to help people.  I often find it funny how we have all these people in politics who say they wanted to be in politics to help.  But it honestly seems like there are so very many people that need help. The last 10-15 % of the book is about his disdain and distrust of Donald Trump as president.  “If you can say something that is provably false and no one really cares, then you cannot have a debate about anything.”

But being a true politician he has hope for the future.  He also tells us as voting citizens to get more involved with politics, social subjects, school, and really just about any facet of life.  Which is one thing I agree with him on.




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