Chance, Choice, and Discovery

I read a lot.  I read roughly 80 books a year.  I read about 75% non-fiction.  I often spend lots of time searching Amazon, or NetGalley, or GoodReads looking for some random book that will be interesting.  I sometimes wonder how authors find topics to write about.  I picked up Incendiary from Netgalley a while back (my review here).  Upon finishing it, I happened to contacted by the St. Martin’s Press’s marketing guy  Joe asking if I had any questions for the author.  I sure did.  I wanted to know how authors found obscure little topics to intrigue us with.  Michael Cannell was nice enough to give me a response.

“Five years ago a writer named Paul Hendrickson spoke at a writer’s conference in Ketchum, Idaho. I’m not one for conferences. I’d rather write than discuss writing. But I happened to be in town. I’d admired his book, “Hemingway’s Boat.” So I took my seat on the appointed evening.
At some point, Hendrickson said this: writers can’t find book subjects. The subjects have to find them. I laughed to myself. Writers are forever saying such things.
A few years later I was reading a 1958 edition of an Argentine newspaper on microfilm in The New York Public Library while researching my book “The Limit.” As I scanned the pages a headline jumped out. It concerned the manhunt for the “the Mad Bomber of New York.” Even before I read the article I had a hunch that would be my next book. It turned out Hendrickson was exactly right. I could never have found the story of a serial bomber in 1950s New York. The subject had to find me. “
Here is the thing that I loved most of all.  Mr. Cannell didn’t give some canned response as I would expect from a big-time author.  As with any artist, I am always intrigued by how they create their art.  Thank you, Mr. Cannell for taking the time to give me a little insight into the process.
If you haven’t checked out Incendiary I highly recommend it.
I gave it 4.25 stars and I am a pretty harsh critic.  Since Mr. Cannell took time to give me a real response, he now has me forever as a fan.

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