Deep Storm (Jeremy Logan #1)

Deep STorm

Title: Deep Storm

Author: Lincoln Child

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Scott Brick

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3

So this is another book narrated by Scott Brick.  I think if he read a grocery list he would find a way to make it feel intense.

One fateful day while drilling for oil, the men on the oil platform discovered something more unique than oil.  By the time Peter Crane is called in there is a massive facility operating miles underneath the waterline.  Dr. Crane has experience upon submarines and being a naval doctor he tries to find the reason people seem to keep having random symptoms. Crane’s excitement of finding the lost city of Atlantis is soon extinguished as Crane is let in on some of the few details surrounding the project.

As more and more people start suffering from mental and physical ailments the military force in the compound starts to tighten.  Some of the scientists really want to slow down to further study what they are finding, but since the military is in control they don’t want to let their foot off the gas.  It is full steam ahead and either you can fall in line or die.  Crane has to figure out who he can trust, who he can help, and who he needs to avoid.

This story mixes history, science-fiction, aliens, and man’s quest for power.  A few things that frustrated me about this story.  Crane is so tired and doesn’t think he can take one more step, oh wait now he can leap buildings in a single bound and carry the damsel in distress to safety.  Things like this could have been exacerbated because of Scott Brick’s ability to sound so intense.






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