The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food


Title: The Face on Your Plate: The Truth about Food

Author: Jeffrey Moussaiff Masson

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Fred Stella

Source: Public Library

Rating: 2.75

This book explores food.  Mostly meat.  Masson is a vegan and grew up a vegetarian.  He states he has never really been fond of meat to begin with.  About 95% of this book is about the mistreatment of the animals that we are eating.  Masson explores the various discrepancies in animals from the wild to animals raised for consumption.  He talks of the different diseases that mass fish farms carry.  He also brings up the inhumane treatment of cows and pigs where they are bread to make offspring and slaughtered as soon as they can be.

This book does discuss some of the problems we humans can experience by eating meat.  Masson discusses how his mother was a “health nut” so he has always loved salads. The last bit of the book is about his favorite meals and what all they consist of.  He is a huge fan of most things tofu.

One point that he made worth noting, if we are trying to go plant-based, why do we make a tofurkey to look like a turkey.  The whole point is to get away from the turkey.  He emphasizes how we need to stop trying to make a tofu burger taste like a burger.  We need to get off meat and be ok with it being different.

This book did not convince me to give up meat.  I do however understand that our current practices of mass producing meat is problematic.  I think that is part of human nature.  We find a good thing and instead of enjoying a little of it every so often we overdo it.  Instead of having a chicken and occasionally eating eggs and occasionally frying one up, we have to have lbs and lbs of meat daily.


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