Title: Walden

Author: Henry David Thoreau

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Kevin Theis

Source: AudiobookBoom

Rating: 0.75

I really like the premise of this book.  Written in the 1840’s about going into the woods and living off the land.  Thoreau picks a spot near Waldon Pond and shuns society.  Not really shuns them, more life he throws his nose in the air and snorts.  He believes that we work entirely too hard at life to “acquire” things we do not really need and will be given away or thrown out when we die.  Why are we working so hard for meaningless things?

Thoreau is very pompous and verbose.  He does not seem to approach this epidemic of materialism with compassion and understanding. He seems to view the problem with disdain.  He tries to show how little he toils for his sustenance and how by living off the land (which he didn’t own, he was only a mere squatter) he actually made a profit by growing a little extra in his garden and selling it.  He spent his days on the pond fishing, or just exploring

I wonder what his thoughts would be of today.  We do so many things for without really thinking about them.  Whereas his idea was to think about them all the more and do not work hard for temporary false enjoyment.  You don’t need the bigger house, the nicer car, the larger television or the latest iPhone.  You can get by with a beater, or a much smaller house and why in the world do you need a cell phone?


The narration was good.  But it was a chore to listen to because of the writing style.  I will have to check out something else Kevin Theis has narrated. I saw that he has done some Sherlock Holmes stories.  Those I will have to check out.



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