Man’s Search for Meaning

mans search

Title: Man’s Search For Meaning

Author: Viktor E. Frankl

Format: Audiobook

Source: HooplaDigital

Rating: 3.5

Frankl got to study human nature in the most horrific environment.  Stuck in a concentration camp he did not allow it to get him down.  He watched and learned from the men around him.  Frankl talks about how you could tell when men gave up the will to live because they would smoke their last cigarette and stop showing up for work detail.  Once the war was over and Frankl was freed after 3 years in concentration camps he had a different approach to therapy.  Frankl developed and refined the idea of logotherapy.  He talked how people in America you were made to feel ashamed of your problem and then less likely to deal with it.  A few of the examples of his techniques he would help the person acknowledge the issue that the person was struggling with, and then he would help them reframe it.  Like one man was struggling after his wife had passed.  Frankl asked him a simple question, how would she have handled it if you would have passed before her.  Sometimes it is the simple understanding that makes all the difference in the world.



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