Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution


Title: Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

Author: Bernie Sanders

Format: Dead Trees

Source: Goodreads Giveaway

Rating: 3

Bernie may have lost the nomination, but he didn’t lose any of his fight.  He believes in a better America and tries to lay out his ideas in this book.  This book is taking some complex political agendas and tries to break them down into easy to understand ideas. I believe this book was written for a younger crowd.  All of the ideas in this book you have heard before if you have followed Sanders for any period of time.  The book is written and printed in a way that is supposed to be “Hip” and “Trendy”.

This book highlights many of Sanders top points he likes to talk about.  Increasing Minimum wage which he wants to see get moved to a living wage.  He talks how if we increase minimum wage to a living wage then lots of people who are subsidized now with welfare will no longer need it.  he also points out ” Increasing the minimum wage is good for businesses as well as workers because it reduces employee turnover.  When workers earn a living wage, they are more likely to stay with their company, reducing the employer’s high on-the-job training cost.”  I understand Sanders’ point that lots of people have minimum wage jobs and are struggling to support their family.  I feel we need to get people more employable.  Because if a 16-year-old gets a job, they do not need a living wage.  They are still supported by their family.

Sanders also talks about closing the loopholes where profitable businesses are getting large tax breaks and subsidies. I agree with this point.  I feel that insurance companies who BCBS is supposed to be not-for-profit but pulls large profits (raise rates blaming it on the ACA) and get subsidized.  The Oil industry does the same with getting subsidies and still pulling record profits.  One thing that I may be reading Sanders wrong on is he seems to want everyone to be equal.  This is not feasible.  I do not think we should punish people for being rich.  If you can get rich (and pay your fair share) then, by all means, get rich.

Sanders believes in health care for all.  Now I don’t think it should be forced that everyone has to get it.  I do think it should be affordable enough that if people want it they should be able to.  “In a 2016 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the New York Times, 20 percent of working-age people with insurance reported having table paying health care bills, while 53 percent of people without insurance reported the same situation.”  As someone with a congenital heart defect, I go to the doctor a lot.  I feel that insurance really screws you in many cases. I think that we really do need some kind of true health care reform.  Maybe breaking up the BCBS (which has 1 in 3 Americans) and letting there be more competition would help the market.  I have also hated how copays do not count toward the deductible.  So when I go to my cardiologist I pay the $70 copay, then the insurance company doesn’t allow the doctor’s office to charge the $4900 for the visit.  The insurance company only allows $2500.  Well, my deductible is $4000 so I get to pay the full doctors visit and really the only thing the insurance company did was say to the doctor’s office “hey you can’t charge him that much”.

I received a proof copy of this book because it was a Goodreads giveaway (14th book that I have won).  So a few things that might be addressed in the regular purchasable book that I didn’t see in my copy.  I need footnotes.  I hate when people spot out numbers and facts like “Zillow said that rising sea levels by 2100 could claim up to 1.9 million homes, worth a total of $882 billion.”(actual quote from book) without a footnote so I can go find the article that gave said information.  I thought Sanders was the least likely to screw people over candidate from the 2016 choices.  But this book seems to point out problems and then only give a partial solution.  I need more information than what this book contained.




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