B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration


Format: Audiobook

Source: AudiobookBoom


Caveat: I received this book free for a review.  Audiobook boom is a great source to find free audiobooks.  I do not ask for a book unless it is something I would be interested in otherwise.  So being as I got the book for free its price has no bearing on my review.

This book will not be for everyone.  I spent a few years of my professional career working with and around Coast Guard aviation.  I have seen aircraft taken apart and put back together.  I also knew some of the guys that were a part of the Phoenix Project.  This was the first and only Coast Guard aircraft restored and put in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  So I knew some of the tedious labor involved in restoring an aircraft that no one makes parts for anymore.

This book is not for the WWII buff looking for acts of heroism or tales of espionage.  This book is about the elbow grease and years of dedicated service to restoring the B-17.  McLaughlin jokes how early in the project they didn’t even know what they didn’t know.  Luckily for the early volunteers, they were not afraid to ask for help.  They seemed to get help and donations from all over the place.  Being donated a turret. Being donated paints, and most of all people with skills donating there time to help pull the plane together.

The project took 6 years to complete.  One thing the Mighty Eighth Museum can boast about is it has the only static B-17 with working turrets.


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