A Full Life; Reflections at Ninety

a full life

Format: Audiobook

Souce Public Library

Rating: 3.5

I once heard a quote from Jimmy Carter about him saying he is a better ex-president than he ever was president.  After reading this book, I understand why he says that.  Jimmy Carter was a pretty ordinary guy.  He grew up in rural Georgia and joined the Navy and was on the cutting edge of the Navy’s nuclear sub program.  Once leaving the Navy he comes back and works on the farm.

Mr. Carter seems like a humble guy reminds you of a nice grandfather figure.  He seems to have gotten into politics for the right reasons.  He discusses his time in politics throughout this book but it is not the overarching theme.  Faith, peace, and unity are things that he talks about quite a bit.  He doesn’t talk about his faith in a throw it in your face kind of way but more of a this is part of who I am.

He discusses his views on some of the policies of the presidents that followed him.  some he agreed with and some he didn’t.  But he doesn’t play party favorites like things that seem to go on with current politicians.

This was a very enjoyable memoir.  One plus was I listened to the audiobook and Mr. Carter reads it himself.


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