Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War


Format: Audiobook

Source: public library

Rating: 3.75

Could the US stand up against a biological attack?  This book was written in 2002 to discuss just such a problem.  Biological warfare has always been something we like to think is off limits, inhumane, and something we will not partake in.  But the entire world does not hold this exact same view. This book starts out talking about a salmonella epidemic in 1984.  The book runs the ins and outs of the US government through the 90’s trying to figure out counter measures in case the US is ever attacked.  President Bush did not want to develop biochemicals, and then President Clinton wanted to know anything and everything about what we could do to stop them.

The book runs stories of Iraq and Russia and their developments of ways to achieve the most damage. One of the points most emphasized in this book was that people could be infected with say smallpox and not know because there is an incubation period.  This would pose quite the problem because we wouldn’t know who to treat or how far spread the outbreak is.

Upon my reading of this book, it was 15 years old.  This seems a little dated, but I think it is even scarier now that what it was then.  But you may be thinking chemical warfare is a hoax.  The closing sentences of the book summed it up perfectly.  If you think biochemical warfare is a hoax, then we are spending entirely too much money on it.  If you think it is a threat then we aren’t spending enough to really combat the situation.


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