Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas

Fred douglas

Format: Audiobook

Source: Audiobook Boom

Rating: 4

In this book, Frederick Douglass gives us a look at what his life was like as a slave.  He did not have the most horrible “masters”.  He tells of his experiences being beaten for little reason. He tells of being rented out to an overseer who was known to “beat a nigger into submission” Douglass also talks about religion and how the southern man uses his religion to play god over the slave.  “The religion of the south was used to cover the most heinous of crimes.”  This seems to be something that people have used religion to do for as long as these things have been written about.

Once Douglass was taught to read his world was opened to limitless possibilities.  A thoughtless slave is considered to be a content slave.  Douglass was no longer content and badly wanted to be free.

All throughout this book, Douglass gives accounts of people who wronged him and people who treated him fairly.  He does not always give the name as to not get the person in trouble.  I will never understand the mind of a slave holder, and I am sure that since Douglass’ plight was not that of some of the more ill-treated slaves this story is not as hard and graphic as what could have been.  But it was still very moving.


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