The Conscience of a Conservative


Format: Audiobook

Source: Hoopladigital

Rating: 4

Goldwater lays out the best case for Conservativism that I have ever come across.  This book was written in 1960 and I know he would have much harsher criticism for what is going on in today’s government.

In the beginning of this book, Goldwater talks about how America should return to conservatism because they are time tested truths that he feels everyone can benefit from.  Conservativism isn’t about economic wealth often times it is said conservatives are only in it for the rich man, but Goldwater states that true conservatism is about maximizing freedom.  Goldwater feels that the Federal government oversteps is constitutional bounds in many areas.  He talks for a good portion of this book how because they are overstepping their bounds that they have to tax more to fund these projects.  He states how the common working man is paying 30% of his income to taxes and that is a waste of our hard earned money in Goldwater’s opinion.

The Constitution was set up to limit absolute power of government, and Goldwater is very much against the big and powerful government.  He states nowhere in the Constitution was it written that the federal government has power over schools, and the state should be taking care of their own schools.

The conservative agenda laid out in this book is something that I think that more Republicans need to read.  It was a very informative precise reasoning for wanting small government.





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