Common Sense

Commmon Sense

Format: Audiobook

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Rating: 4

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of it being right. ”

“When immigrants come over they come with a common bond, but as they relax they lose their ties together.  So some form of government will be needed. “

“The more citizens the more representatives you will need. “

” The more simple the system, the more easily for it to be repaired when needed.”

” A government that can’t conserve the peace is no government at all.  In that case, we pay our money for nothing.”

 “A national debt is a national bond because it binds us all together. “

I wonder if political commentary of today will hold up as well as Common Sense has for the last 241 years.  Paine lays out quite the case for America to be independent of Britain.  He explains that they are past the point of reconciliation and that war is the only path forward in his mind.  Paine felt that any nation with its own resources should not be subjects of others not residing in their county.  He states how the colonies will have to be united in this war because individually they are small but united they are great. He states how in the past few wars that they have been a part of they have been able to develop battle strategies that 30 years prior they would not have had the knowledge of.


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