The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Better Angels

Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3.25 (would have been higher if the book was shorter)

How the West was won, WOMEN…. Through this book Pinker discusses violence.  The largest group of perpetrators is 18-30 males.   Time and time again, all throughout history young males go about proving themselves and lots end up killing in the process.

This book not only talks about our propensity for violence toward other people but also to animals, and babies.  Pinker talks about biblical times and all the violence that is discussed in the old testament.  If someone violated your sister you would go in and wipe out their whole family.  He also talks about how we used to kill more babies post birth but now with abortions we kill them a little earlier.”We lie to ourselves so we are more believable when we lie to others”

“We lie to ourselves so we are more believable when we lie to others”

This book is interesting on many levels, it was quite long, filled with numerous statistics, and at times a little overwhelming. Pinker throws out facts after facts how we are so much less violent than in years past and shows how we sometimes have a bad year of homicides but those are still so much less percentage wise than killing in the past.  I felt this book droned on a little bit as I was only sort of interested in the topic.  I didn’t need something quite as thorough as this.






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