Sherlock Holmes and the Rune stone Mystery (Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota #3)


Format: Audiobook

Source: AudiobookBoom (if you don’t mind writing book reviews I suggest checking this site out.  I have received over 25 books for free to review)

Rating: 3.75

I received this book for free from Audio-visceral .  Its price has no bearing on my review.

This is the 3rd in the Sherlock in Minnesota series.  I have read (listened) to all 3.  Millett has done a good job capturing the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle feel but throwing in some American flair.

Sherlock and John are called back to the great northern state of Minnesota when a representative of the King of Sweden stops in to ask for help with a Rune Stone.  Once arriving they jump right into a murder scene.  Lucky for them Shadwell Rafferty is back to help the m in one of the hardest cases of their careers.  Sherlock is sure the Rune Stone is a fake, but being as everyone who seems to know where the stone is kept turning up dead and they have a tough time tracking it down.




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