Contagious: Why things Catch on


Format: Ebook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 2.75

Six Principals that help make things contagious

  1. Social Currency – Will talking about this make me seem cool?
  2. Triggers – where we see things and what triggers our thinking.
  3. Emotion
  4. Public
  5. Practical value
  6. Stories

I particularly liked the part on social currency how we will tell facts and tidbits that we have picked for the cool factor of the information.  Like we aren’t going to tell a friend who hates skiing about the cool skiing place we found.  “word of mouth tends to reach people who are actually interested in the thing being discussed.”

Stories and emotions really go hand in hand.  The example used in the book is a cousin of Berger orders a jacket from Land’s End for the winter.  Well, the zipper breaks. When he calls Land’s End they send out another jacket for free.  This is a story.  But it also has emotion tied to it because of the excitement that the cousin was telling the story with. (Can you believe they sent me a new jacket for free?)

We tend to share things that make us happy or are interesting.  We don’t normally share things that are sad or too complex.  I will not be sharing this book because I didn’t find it overly interesting.  If the book would have stopped after a couple of chapters then I think it would have been a better book.  I felt that Berger got a little distracted from his original topic and was just filling pages.





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