Real Valor: A Charge to Nurture and Protect your family

real valor

Format: Ebook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3

Farrar has a passion for leading men.  He has been at it a long time.  Lots of his example of men he looks at as brave and commendable are from WWII.  This book starts out with a story about Jackie Cooper.  Cooper did not know his father.  When he was driving across the country he stopped in a gas station and the attendant was telling him how his dad lived in the apartment above the station.  Cooper did not want to see him because he was worried it would confuse him since the attendant was telling him how proud his dad was and how there were newspaper clippings all over the place about him.  So apparently his dad loved him but not enough to stick around and be apart of his life.

Farrar tells us to not be white bread fathers.  By this, he means white bread looks good on the outside but is filled with empty calories.  He talks of traditional bread and how it has nutrients and sustenance. White bread does not.  So don’t be a white bread father.  Don’t look good on the outside but provide nothing of sustenance for your family.

This book runs us through the book of Ruth and describes Boaz and what a great man of God he was. Before jumping in to talk about Boaz, we learn about Elimelek.  He was Naomi’s husband and when the famine got bad he up and left for the area known as Moab.  Farrer points ou that we need to  Make your decision before things get bad because otherwise, you may make a poor decision in haste.

Borrowing from who Boaz was, Farrar points to examples of a man, father, and husband should look like.

A few quotes that stood out to me:

“America is in moral and spiritual decline – and your favorite candidate or political party isn’t going to fix it. ”

“People somehow concluded that it would give God more glory if they were preachers instead of plumbers. That’s a crock. God has given you gifts what are they? Use your gifts for his glory.””We’ve got more information that

“We’ve got more information than we know what to do with.  But what we are lacking isn’t information; it’s perspective.”





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