The Prince


Format: Audiobook

Source: Audiobook Boom

Rating: 4

I received this audiobook for free.  The nice thing about free books is their price.  The bad thing about getting it for free I have to put a disclaimer like this so you know I wasn’t paid for my review.  I was not!

Written in 1513 it talks about a time we do not fully understand.  But the truths that this book contains are timeless.  This covers how to be a Prince, someone in charge of territories.

If you can do it by force you should be able to accomplish more.

Avoid flatterers.  A wise prince should only employ wise counselors who only tell the truth.  Otherwise, you can be overthrown by flatters who distract you.  (this can be very true in our current political environment.)

Machiavelli warns of being too generous and how you would rather be called a miser than overly generous.  He also believes you should surround yourself with good people willing to tell the truth above all else because that will keep your kingdom the safest.


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