2016 Political Poems

2016 political poems

Format: Audiobook

Source: AudiobookBoom

Rating: 4

Two disclaimers right out the gate. 1st this book was gifted to me for my favorite price of free.  Its freeness has no bearing on my review.  2nd I am not a connoisseur of poetry.  I want to be, and have tried various works but haven’t ever really been able to get into it.

Ervin does an amazing job capturing the feeling of American’s going into the 2016 election.  How many were still looking for work and someone to be their voice.  Ervin writes of many of the things that were discussed during the election campaign.  Draining of the swamp, who’s swamp, the one in your back yard or mine. What if your swamp is murky and ugly and mine looks pretty, what if they drain the swamp and put up a parking lot?  She discusses Fake News and its ramifications.  Even Russia gets a nod in this book.

I love how Ervin does not come right and say which side she is for but tries to capture the overall feeling of all sides.


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