Godless: The Church of Liberalism


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Borrow

Rating: 1.25

If you are an extreme right-wing Christian you will love everything Coulter is saying. I needed more notes and references, like her claim that Liberals are all about teaching 4th graders about anal sex and fisting.  Quite a few of her other statements she will have 2 or 3 news articles referenced.  I always need more notes.  It really helps me get a true understanding of what the author is trying to say. I was also unfamiliar with Coulter before reading this book.  I didn’t realize this was a humor book until a few hundred pages in.  I just though her writing style wasn’t capturing me. I guess I have a hard time mixing many serious subjects with random jokes mixed in.

Coulter also references the Bible quite a bit. She discusses how God gave us dominion over the earth but that liberals think we should recycle. I have not read enough of Coulter to know if she is trying to make a joke or if she thinks that recycling is dumb.  I have always viewed recycling as a stewardship issue.  I also didn’t know if she was writing this book for her own people (like minded, and on the same page) or if she is trying to convert liberals to a more conservative mindset.

This book covers a wide range of topics, from science, to war, to education, to law.  She talked a lot of liberals hating war, and not supporting heroes.  This book was written in 2007, but I would be curious if when she updated it if she would call out President Trump’s comments about John Mccain being captured when Trump was able to get a few deferments from the Vietnam war.  I was also thinking she would have almost twice the material in the 10 years since this book was put out to give commentary on.

“Democrats are constitutionally entitled to be stupid. They are, after all Democrats.”

Referencing Michael Moore as a Coulter does for anything loses all credibility with me.me.  Even some conspiracy theorist think he is a crackpot.  This book reminds me of the books by atheists that I have read, they point out how stupid God is based on Westboro Baptist and snake handlers.  Coulter has been around a long time and this book gives years of topics that I was unfamiliar with.  Her take on the public education system was very surprising.  Coulter references teachers as “taxpayer-supported parasites. ” “How about this when bus drivers rates of getting a child to school are 50%, which is the teachers’ failure rate of teaching kids, then we can talk about equal pay for teachers and bus drivers. ”

As I continued to read I was surprised by the lack of compare and contrast that would have been very easy for her to do.  She could have given the Liberal idea, why it didn’t work and then given her Conservative idea and why she feels her idea would work.  It is very tough reading books that only points fingers 100% of the time without giving any kind of ideas on how to solve the problem.

From this book, it appears Coulter is on the far-right and believes all liberals are on the far-left.  But I believe that most people are in the middle thinking that both the far sides are slightly crazy!


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