Will Baseball Survive? : Globalization, the End of Television, Youth Sports, and the Future of Major League Baseball


Format: Audiobook

Source: Audiobook Boom

Rating: 4.5

“This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.”

If you like baseball you will probably enjoy this book because Mitchell talks the history of baseball, where it came from, where it is at and where it could potentially going.

Mitchell talks about how baseball has only taken off in places where soccer is not the number one sport, in Central America and Japan are the only places besides north America where baseball is popular.  Mitchell discusses how the MLB took over and how many smaller baseball leagues have been put out of business.  Mitchell talks about how baseball integrated baseball before the civil rights movement, and before schools were integrated.  But by integrating early the MLB took all the stars from the Negro league which made the Negro league less entertaining without its stars.  Another thing discussed is how as North American youth are playing less and less baseball, that we will have to look for our up and coming players from Central America and Japan. If we expand globally that would bring more players.

Baseball is also changing with technology and baseball.  We now with everything have information right at our fingertips.  We can follow our team, only watch our team, read blogs about our team, and know more about our team’s top 20 prospects than we do about whole other organizations.

Mitchell loves baseball and wants to see it continue.  But he has some ideas on how to make it more to make it more appealing globally.  How a few teams in Central America, or Japan and how you could do extended road trips add more teams, which would open up more money for the MLB but would take some major restructuring.





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