A Mote’ in Andrea’s Eye

mote andreas.jpg

Source: Audiobook Boom

Format: Audiobook

Rating: 4

When Andrea was young her family with through a big hurricane.  As her father was saving the neighbor from the rising flood waters the storm raged.  After Andrea lost her father to a hurricane she vowed to find a way to stop them from taking anyone else’s life.  She went to school and studied hard, she became one of the leading groups pursuing hurricane control.  She was passionate about her job, she also took the time to listen to everyone who had an idea on things to do to slow hurricanes down.  While fighting a small storm in Bermuda in the 1960’s her husband who was her favorite pilot was lost in the storm to never be found.  That was until 30 years later when a devastating category 5 hurricane popped up out of the blue.

This was a fun adventure, as it has lots of landmarks I recognize as it is based in northeast North Carolina.

I received this book from Audiobook Boom in exchange for an unbiased review.




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