A Colony In a Nation

A colony in a nation

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating: 4.25

Americans still rely on the gun, the power to kill or injure to preserve the social order.

In 2013 in Finland police fired their guns a collective total of 6 times.

White fear is because we know white privilege exists and were afraid it will end.

Citizens can be full human beings, Citizens can be given second chances, Citizens can be forgiven, subjects are unforgivable.

Do you and the perpetrator belong to the same country?


This was a great listen.  Hayes reads the book himself which one thing I have always enjoyed when an author reads their own book, they seem to know exactly where they wanted to put the emphasis.  This book discusses race, policing, laws, and relations.  Hayes being a white guy talks about his view of race from white eyes.  But he discusses over and over how he knows as a white guy he can get away with things he wouldn’t be allowed to if he were a person of color.  He references a search of his bags back when he was young and the cop finding his pot and not even taking if from him but allowing him to continue on as if the cop discovered nothing.  Hayes talks about Ferguson Missouri quite a bit.  He discusses how sometimes law are in place and have different effects on different people like parking tickets, how black people tend to get hit with more tickets and then end up paying late fees, and he states how as white folks, we think well don’t get the ticket and then don’t be late on the payment.  This sounds like a plan but some municipalities rely heavily on those funds coming in from late fees.  The town I live in currently does the same thing with electric bills, the black people tend to get hit harder by this than the white people.

Now this book isn’t all about race.  A bunch of the book talks about law enforcement and how sometimes enforces have often harassed.  He states cases all the way back to before the US was a  nation.  The cops harassing people for minor infractions.  This was comical to see the parallels between now and way back then.



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