Reading Challenge


Hooked To Books Reading Challenge

Last year I read 98 books.  I knew that would most likely be more than I could/would read this year.  So I backed my Goodreads goal back a little.  I set it for 60 books.  Well, we are a quarter way through the year now and I have finished over 20 books at this point.  My 60 may be a little low.  But the nice thing is it might be a self-esteem booster when I blow the goal of 60 out of the water by 20 or so books.  Thanks to In Case of Bookishness for blogging about the   Hooked on books reading challenge because you can win some great prizes for doing something I would be doing otherwise.

Like last year I have been keeping my spreadsheet of my books.  This has really helped my read outside of my comfort zone.  In years past I read so many books by white American males writing about history.  Something I love but I wanted to branch that out a little more.  Last year I read 18 books by women and 22 books by non-Americans.

So as a venture through the next three-quarters of a year I hope to continue my goal of finding obscure non-fiction topics to read about. Some of last year’s best books were random readings on Rust and Traffic


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