Remember Bowling Green: The adventures of Frederick Douglass: Time Traveler.

bowling green

Format: Ebook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3.75

Bowling Green is a quaint town in Kentucky. Ronald Krump decides to move into to the town and start building big thing. great things, the best things.  About the same time, strange things began happening. a murder at the local baseball game, bombs at the parade, and a missing float full of people.  If this were not enough Dr. Brody gets kicked out of Veterans Home where he faithfully serves as director.  He cares deeply for his patients and when some of the non-white patients begin to disappear he tries to figure out where they were taking.  This book is full of some great characters like Ronald Krump with his tiny hands whose ultimate goal is to “Make Bowling Green Awesome”, Barbie Conroy who is Mr. Krump’s Public Relations officer, Frederick Douglass plays a comical role of instigator, to all of Krump’s family.

Walt who takes care of the park in Bowling green and when is not doing that is usually getting drunk or stoned begins to turn his life around upon meeting Frederick Douglass.  Douglas takes pride in educating people and gives Walt a couple of his books.  Walt realizes it is time to grow up to throw away the carefree lifestyle and start living with a purpose.

Krump would have probably gotten away with everything from building a wall to keep people out of his country club, the deportation of non-white Americans, the complete screwing over of the city of Bowling Green.  But when good people stand up against corruption they can truly keep America great.




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