Scapegoat: A Flight Crew’s Journey from Heroes to villains to redemption.


Format: Audiobook

Source: audiobook boom

Rating: 3.75

Dumb disclaimer ” I received this book free of charge to give a fair review” I hate these disclaimers but I am sure there are people out there who scam the system.


In April of 1979, a 727 went into a roll, and then nose-dived from an altitude of 39,000 feet to almost crashing.  Harvey “Hoot” Gibson was the pilot.  They were able to avoid crashing and struggled but managed to land the plane safely.  That is when the wings fell off.  Hoot starts getting grilled for what did he do wrong. What was the crew doing? And most mysterious how did the flight recorder data get erased. As the investigation goes along fingers are pointed more towards the crew having messed up than the plane malfunctioning. As they are blaming the crew for what they did wrong they are not actually asking the crew questions. The case seemed very poorly managed.

Hoot never fully recovered from the stress of everyone blaming him for the accident.  He ends up needing counseling and even moves to Costa Rica for a while to get out of the media attention.


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