Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3


“When I need to know something, I know it.”

“To hear the left wing critics tell it, we need socialism to make this country more forward and we need a president who can make up the rules As he goes along. If he can’t get congress to do something, he needs to rule by executive order. I say that is complete nonsense.”

Donald Trump wrote this book prior to winning the election as president of the United States.  In this book so of his ideas are laid our a little more thoroughly.  One thing he is big on is competition.  I am sure this is from his business background.  He talks of how charter schools will challenge the status quo of public schools, if schools are failing as with a business that is failing you have to shut it down.  He always believe take the power back to the people so that the people in charge in certain districts are not held to the same standards as the whole country.  That if we have groups of people making decisions who aren’t in that district they will not understand all the nuances of the needs at hand.

A great leader has to be flexible, holding his ground on the major principles but finding room for compromise that can bring people together.

Trump states how he is not opposed to immigration but he is against people not following the rules coming in having children and then living off of tax breaks.

Trumps discussed tax reform in this book, not taxing a single making $25k or less, and any couple making $50k or less.  He discusses how the tax code is too convoluted to make much sense of it and how the middle class is paying their unfair share.

Infrastructure was an interesting chapter.  Trump discusses how he has been the only one to be able to build buildings and golf courses that many other have failed at completing.  He discusses how his Mar-A-Lago  home was let run down by the government before he purchased it.  He discusses how he made sure the home was not only renovated but brought up to a standard most do not achieve.  This ties into his thoughts on infrastructure.  He see them as a great liability at this point because we are paying billions a year to patch when if we replace and reworked many it would not only give jobs but make commuting more efficient.

In most books I have read with a successful leader you hardly hear them talk about I.  All throughout this book Mr. Trump has said I am the one with the answers, I am the one that is rich, I am the one and only person who can make America Great again. The  quote that sums up most of his tweets on early Saturday mornings “I am never shy about creating news by being controversial and fighting back” and he even discusses his views on  the media long before it got as intense as it did when he became president. “People sometimes forget that the newspapers and television stations are profit-making businesses – or at least they’re trying to be.  If they have to choose between honest reporting and making a profit, which choice do you think they will make?
The sad thing is that all it does is prove that both liberal and conservative news outlets can lie and distort the news shamelessly. “


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