A Study in Charlotte – Charlotte Holmes #1


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: DNF

James Watson gets his acceptance letter to Sherrington in Connecticut.  So he packs up from England and flies to school.  He is only an hour from his father who he hasn’t seen in years.  James finds a friend in school whose family has been friends since their great-great grandfathers solved mysteries.  Charlotte is of Sherlock Holmes lineage.  James’               great-great father was Dr. John Watson.  James is immediately enthralled by Charlotte.  She possesses the Holmes family traits of overwhelming intelligence and really has a way with people(just like Sherlock did).

A few days into school James gets into a fight with a boy who happens to have date raped Charlotte.  When the boy comes up dead James and Charlotte are prime suspects.  The police are of little help so Holmes and Watson are on the case.

This book was a little too YA for my personal liking and that is why I did not finish the book.  It gives you some of the Sherlock appeal of being overly observant, and unbelievably quick witted.    But it keeps things down on their college student level.


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