Goal Setting: The Ultimate guide to achieving goals that truly excite you


Format: Audiobook

Source: Audiobook boom

Rating: 4

This is a nice short book that takes all the knowledge obtained from any self-help guru book out there and compacts it into an easily digestible format.  Meurisse points out how most people spend their lives pursuing a goal that they don’t really want.  He also talks about how  the value is not in the goal, but it discovering what really matters most to you.  Vague goals are not easily obtainable.  Meurisse gives and example of how our mind works with vague goals.  Take 10 seconds to think of all the thing in this world that are white.  Now try to think of all the things in a refrigerator that are white.  The point is when we actually focus on something with constraints like what’s in a fridge we can probably come up with more.

A few more points that were good:

Sharing goals makes them now a part of reality and often times they will be less attainable.

Have you found goals that will be motivating you late in life?

Investing money gives you more incentive.  Free things don’t always motive us (it was funny because I picked this book up for free)

Overall this was a nice enjoyable book with very practical ways to set obtainable goals for yourself.



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