Radiologist at Work: Saving lives with the lights off


Format: Audiobook

Source: audioboook boom

Rating: 3.25

Having a congenital heart defect I have been around a few radiologists over the years.  I still don’t have a grasp on their job.  In this book Jourdan interviews radiologist from all over the country.  Some stories are funny are like the man caught speeding on the way to work and he was wearing his Dark Adaptor glasses.  Nowadays I am sure people would like the steam punk look of the glasses.  Some stories are odd like various tools found up a rectum.  Some stories are heart warm where the radiologist saw something on the film and in turn helped save patient’s life.

One quote from the book that really struck a chord with me was “Doing $10,000 on a 98 year old lady, I call the doctor and ask what are you going to do if the test comes back positive.  The Doctor replies “nothing”.  Then why do the test?”

Radiology may one day be completely automated but until that time we have some great trained professions spending time in dark rooms just looking whatever ails us.  Next time you are in with them, take time and get to know them.




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