Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil


Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

Mueller starts the book off discussing the  De Carlo family who have been making olive oil since the 1600’s. This laid the groundwork for the rest of the book.  Once the love and tradition of making quality olive oil was established Mueller jumped right in how oils over the years have become far from virgin.

I really enjoyed the history of oilve oil and how it was used for just about everything from eating, to bathing, and even as lubrication.  Mueller points out how in America we had a trend that started in the 80’s of low-fat diets.  Olive oil is supposedly a good fan and has really hurt from this disclaimer that all fat is bad.  even though it didn’t really help Americans.  In the 1980 14% of  America was obese and then we went on a low fat diet trend and now the percentage of Americans that are obese is up to 34% today.

Australia is becoming one of the most advanced producer of olive oil. Most of the rules for olive oil are lax, some olives can sit on the ground for months and still come in under the rules.  Some of the real producers of olive oil find these practices despicable. California is coming up as one of the new producers of Olive oil. Small time olive growers struggle to turn a profit and it turns into more of a labor of love.



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