Ghostland: an American History in Haunted Places


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.5

Every house has a story from the house of seven (8) gables to the Winchester house. Dickey is a story hunter more than a ghost story.  He traces the stories or what people believe to the ghost story and does his research.  Well, some of the times stories are mixed up.  Like a scorned slave who was once her master’s lover trying to win back his love by slightly poisoning the family so she can make them well.  Well the story told is she poisoned them too much and killed the kids and the master’s wife.  Well turns out no slave by the ghost name ever lived on the plantation and the family lived to a ripe old age.

Dickey also ask poignant questions, like if ghost stick around and lots of African American’s were brutally killed during slavery, how come whenever there is a ghost it is of a white person.  You would think at least one of the African American’s would have stuck around.  This book is not the book you want to read if you are looking for true ghost.  This book is a book to read if you want the history behind how we came about some of the stories.

A quote at the end of the book that I really liked ” Ghost stories are about how we face, or fail to face, the past how we process information, how we narrate our past, and how we make sense of the gaps in that history.”


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