The Black Hawk War of 1832


Format: Audiobook

Source: Audiobook Boom

Rating: 3.5

This is a comprehensive work on the Sauk warrior Black Hawk.  Jung starts out right from the beginning explaining how much that has been written is speculatory and how he has went through numerous sources to try to piece together the ultimate truth.  The Sauk tribe was on the eastern shores of the Mississippi and not only were they having trouble with the white man encroaching on their land, they also had troubles with the Fox tribe.  Throughout this book you get a picture of what life was like in 1832 and how westward expansion was pushing out the Natives.  Once Black Hawk was captured he was shown the expanse of the White man from their big cities to their highways.  The clothes he was given when arrested he kept for the rest of his life.

One quote from the book that really stuck with me, “that prior to the treaty we have never before sold land and did not know the value of it.  We’ve given away a great country for a little thing.  We do not say we were cheated but we have made a bad bargain.  But the bargain stands because We never take back what we have given.” ( made me think differently about when we use the term Indian giver.


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