Grunt: The Curious science of Humans at war


Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

I picked this book up through Audible’s deal of the day for $2.95.  I was surprised when the email came in because I have already read almost everything else by Mary Roach and they are always worth full price.  In Grunt, we learn about many less prestigious areas that scientist and engineers are working to make the modern soldier the most comfortable, the most protected, and most likely to be hydrated.

Roach is a very hands on author.  She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and in this book, she discusses having an anal probe to check her core temperate during one of the studies, venturing to NATEC labs to  study fabrics that need to be versatile in many ways , and a trip to Djibouti to talk to the many who is worried about your booty (when it comes to diarrhea.   Roach is informative and funny.  Her wit may catch you off guard like in the chapter on Penile reconstruction referencing using the forearm to make a new cannoli.  She covers almost all the branches of the and even gives history on some of the early techniques.  While discussing Momsen lungs Roach discusses the Tang. Alex Kershaw had a great book that.  Few men survived a sub sinking.  The men that were able to get out of the sinking vessel very well may have been eaten by sharks, which Roach talks all about the militaries efforts to make shark deterrents.

This book is not a book deep into the science of the process but more of an overview to give the reader an idea of the many important things that scientist and engineers are doing that sometimes get overlooked.


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