2016 In-Review

2016 was an interesting year.  I set out to read with a little more purpose.  I wanted to read more books outside of my comfort zone something a little more than white males writing about history.  So this year I read 98 books.  17 books were by females and  11 books by different nationalities. Of the 98 books I read most I got from my local public library, they now know me by name when I walk in there to get my hold stack now.  I also received quite a few books for review.  So out of the 98, I know this isn’t good for authors but I only purchased 1 book this past year.

Some Highlights include

8 books written between 1851-1952

77 Non-Fiction

Best book I read this year:

NF- When Breath Becomes air

F – Man Called Ove


So now that it is 2017 I don’t know what I will read.  This last year stretched my reading from reading more authors of color and random topics I never knew I would be interested in like Rust, or Traffic. One thing I do want to keep up is the ever growing list of random topics, and the joy of reading.


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