The Fix: How nations survive and thrive in a world in decline


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Goodreads Giveaways

Rating: 3.25

Most immigrants are ambitious are hardworking – you’d half to be to uproot yourself and your family and transport them halfway around the world.

Brazil just didn’t give out foodstamps but gave families money to keep their kids in school.  The president saw how children were being pulled from school and made to work.  This continues low education and carries on the cycle.  The president wanted to break the cycle by helping make the next generation even more employable.

Similar to Gladwell.  Tepperman likes to get the back story for whatever world-changing event is happening.  He doesn’t just settle for face value, he gives us how and why things changed the way they did.

This book discusses Brazil, Canada, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, and even discusses shale oil harvesting in the US and how China has not quite caught up to the US techniques. This book gives an overview on how each of these countries made changes and how most have been positively affected.


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