Rogue Heroes


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Bookstr

Rating: 3.25

The SAS (Special Air Service) was a mixed group of men.  Some from wealth and some had just normal jobs before the war.  But when they got together they formed a lethal team that would parachute in quietly and place bombs on parked plane at a Luftwaffe runway then disappear back into the desert. They helped open the door for the rest of the forces to get much-needed supplies. They continued to push and live mostly off the grid and would only come out to strike.  Their small numbers in a few highly trained groups worked independently and were equally as deadly.   As their successes became more well known the Germans started hunting them.  After the capture of a few of the SAS leadership, new people had to step up to lead. This is another great WWII example of determination, doggedness, and sheer bravado.



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