A Man Called Ove



Source: Public Library

Rating: 4.5

Ove is grumpy.  He reminds you of the grumpy old man that lives on any street. When Ove’s wife died Ove died a little also.  Then he gave up the will to live, until one day some crazy neighbor’s move in next door. The husband Patrick doesn’t seem to know how to do anything, and the wife Parvaneh pushes Ove much like his wife used to.  Urging him to do things that naturally he wouldn’t feel inclined to do, like taking in a stray cat.

Ove is the type man that when he has made up his mind to do something he follows through.  He is ready to take his own life to go be with his wife, but each time he tries Parvaneh seems to spoil his plans.  One day Ove passes out running off some burglars. When he comes to in the hospital, it has been determined that his heart is just too big.


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