White Rage: The unspoken truth of racial divide


Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: 2.25

There was only one black public high school in the entire state.  As a consequence, by 1950 African American adults in Deleware had finished, on average 7.2 years of school; whites on average finished more than 10 years. Only 505 blacks in the entire state had earned at least a bachelor’s degree.

“One man bragged, as long as we can legislate, we can segregate.”

George Wallace: After receiving more than a hundred thousand telegrams half of which were from north of the Mason Dixon line. Right then he had a revelation ” they all hate black people, all of them. They’re afraid, all of them. Great god! That’s it! They’re all southern! The whole United States is southern. ”

This book to me started strong.  It gave the background of post-Civil-War America and how many white truly hated blacks.  Anderson take us all the way through current times and discusses how Blacks were held back many years in education and voting privileges.  The first half of the book was laying great ground work, but I felt the second half of the book lacked a true direction.  She references Dylan Roof and George Zimmerman as current cases.  This book left me looking for more answers




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