Hunting Eichmann


Format: Audiobook (wow Audible doesn’t carry this book)

Source: Public Library

Rating: 4.25

When asked about his time as a Nazi Eichmann said “I do not regret anything.  I will not be eating humble pie.”

As the Third Reich was falling lots of the upper Nazi management looked to escape the coming punishment.  Eichmann worked fast to drop his rank, hideout with some lumberjacks in the mountains of Germany until he was able to escape to Argentina.  Once Eichmann escaped to Argentina he assumed many identities.  Many stories floated around about how he had died during the war, or died in a sub bombing .  One small group of Isreali intelligence agents called Mossad found a few small trails that they started to follow. Once  they found Eichmann they observed him for months planning their capture.

Luckily for the Mossad Argentina was having their 150th Anniversary celebration so the Mossad worked to get a flight in from Isreal to Argentina.  Once the El Al got their plane there they gave false flight plans for the flight back.  Eichmann was easy going when captured.  He believed he was not guilty of much at all just that he followed orders.

Argentina was very upset that Israel had snuck in and captured Eichmann without letting them know.  They wanted him brought back to Argentina.  Isreal was having none of it.  They put him on trial and found him guilty.  Eichmann was hung on June 1, 1962.

Reading this story I found a few parallels to hunting down Bin Laden.  The US snuck into Pakistan and took out Bin Laden.  They had to hunt him down for quite some time and have very few details to follow.  One big difference was Eichmann was put on trial and Bin Laden was not.


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