Franchising McChurch


Format: Ebook

Source: Purchase

Rating 3.25

White and Yeats look at the American Church to try to figure out where the disconnect is.  Their problem  with some churches looking to connect with people has cheapened the experience.  If Churches become highly efficient programs sometimes that doesn’t leave time for the true spiritual needs of the congregation.  If the Church is just becoming a trendy hangout following the latest trends it may miss out on developing mature believers.

“By choosing to have multiple services with different worship styles, a decision has been made that separates the congregation even further and reinforces consumer-driven mentality.”

The authors do not like pastors using their personal study time of the bible to only be studying other people’s sermons.  This has a weird dichotomy because I get that the bible is the word of god, but there are some amazing pastors out there who in their study found a way to communicate great truths.  I see this as something all pastors could use as an additional resource.

Thomas Long of Emory university states “Our Churches have turned into theaters and our preachers have turned into witty motivational speakers with high entertainment value”

Rick Warren stated one time “If my bullet fits your gun, then by all means shoot it”

:Just as the toy in the Happy Meal eclipses the sale of food, some creative sermon illustrations eclipse the content of the message:

:While the stockholders spend no personal time or energy working for the company, they expect a return on their investment of money….In the spiritual world, the expected return is increased membership and increased income.:

:Perhaps we can Measure success based on the integrity of the membership, the practice of church discipline, and the preaching of the Word. :

Both authors do not like the multi-campus trend.  They reference a book from 2001 called Stealing Sheep  that discuss how we aren’t usually making new converts but  that we are taking people from one church to try our before they get bored and move on to the next church.  They also think that by having churches who may not be local in charge of a local congregation has problems when making local decisions.  Starbucks seemed to do this right when they started.  Each store was like the others, but were able to take on the flare and feel of the local community.

The authors convey throughout the whole book how they feel our modern church is cheapening the church and they do not like it at all.  All throughout this book I kept feeling myself kick back a little on their message.  Only because it was saying what I had grown to love was wrong.  Now I do think the church is changing, I do agree that in some ways some churches make themselves more about the entertainment than about the message.  More about getting people in than maturing people.  With the way  society is changing we have to find ways to show how Church can and is still relevant.



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