Walt Disney

Walt Disney.jpg

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.5

Disney was a man with a vision.  He wanted to make great animation.  He knew that his skills were limited so he went out to hire the best.  Disney didn’t start out as a great wealthy business man.  Many of his first productions the animators were bringing home more money than he was. He was also quick to put audio to the animation when that came about.  Disney was always dedicated to the story.  He would scrutinize every script.  Most of the first productions the Disney brothers would have to borrow more and more money to try to get everything done on time.  When WWII came along the Government hired Disney to do propaganda shorts.  They were also using the studio’s lot for anti-aircraft guns in case Japan went for the Lockheed facility close by.  Once DisneyLand got underway Disney really knew where the money makers were.  He held back nothing to make a state of the art amusement park. Once complete it would be nothing to see him out walking the park, talking to visitors and signing autographs.   This was a good biography about the man behind the curtain.


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