White Fire (Pendergast Book 13)


Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating: 4.25

As Corrie Swanson is working on her thesis for college she gets a tip to check out some mysterious bear killings in Roaring for that are 150 years old.  She wants to study the remains for tips into crime scene investigations for future law enforcement.  Roaring Fork is a ritzy Ski town in Colorado but it was once a mining town.  When Corrie starts looking at the bones she realizes this was no bear attack, but before she can do further research she is thrown in jail for trying to steal some of the evidence.  Pendergast swoops in to get her out of jail and tries to help her with her thesis.  Being prideful and worried her thesis will be frowned upon with the help of FBI special agent Pendergast she goes off on her own.  Pendergast hearing details of the history of the town tries to hunt down a Sherlock Holmes story that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote after hearing about the bear attacked Miners.   (the whole made up Sherlock tale is told which makes a nice little side story) Upon returning with the Doyle story that has parallels to Roaring Fork, Pendergast realizes more of what is going on.  As he tries to right wrongs that have been done he comes to the realization that you can’t save them all.

Being book 13 of the series Corrie Swanson and Pendergast characters have been highly developed.  I enjoyed this one more so with the Sherlock Holmes story mixed in.



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