When Breath becomes Air


Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating: 4.75

Paul Kalanithi is a great writer.  I wish he would have written more in his short time.  He captures his story and puts it to words in a way you can really feel.  When he is diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer he is almost done with his residency as a Neurosurgeon.  This book starts as he begins his journey from life to death.  He reaches the end of his journey before he completes his story.  He puts to words his understanding of being on the doctor’s side of the prognosis and his take on the patient side.  Even though death is inevitable for everyone, sometimes knowing how quickly you are going to die really shakes your foundation.

Kalanithi discusses when he realized he wanted to become a neurosurgeon, from seeing hurting children who he felt had been let down to having his first patient die on him.  Kalanithi is honest and completely aware of aware of his own mortality.  Will this book help me as I inch closer to death, I am not really sure.  But this book will help me analyze the living I have left to do.



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