Stronger: How Hard Times reveal God’s greatest power


Format : Ebook

Source : Purchase


King had posted on his Facebook how you could get his Ebook for less than a cup of coffee.  It was $1.99 so since I had read some of King’s other books I figured I would pick this one up.

In this book, King discusses the loss of his parents.  He talks about the comfort he received from his faith, and how a close friend really stepped up and ministered to him.  King discusses how we go through things to help others.  When we are weak we are at our best point to be made strong.

One Quote from the book that I thought was pretty good “It’s not how hard we work, it’s how well we worship”.  Another good quote “Pain clarifies what really matters and simplifies what outlasts temporary turmoil”

Throughout this book, King talks about 2 things he really loves, Jesus and his parents.  King is very honest about his grief when his parents die, and being as both of mine are still alive I do not know how I would handle the situation so his honesty is very comforting.


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