Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump–His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall


Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3.5

Originally released in 1991, Crossroad Press brought this book to us in Ebook and audio.  It was almost perfect timing to rerelease this book in early 2016 as Mr. Trump was looking to get the Republican nomination for the position as President of the United States.

Those who solely by good fortune become princes from being private citizens have little trouble in rising, but much in keeping atop; they have not any difficulties on the way up, because they fly, but they have many when they reach the summit. – Machiavelli

This quote opens the book and really lays the groundwork for  what is to follow.

O’Donnell was president of Trump Tower hotel and casino.  This book is about his interactions with “The Donald”.  O’Donnell enjoyed his job, loved his salary but hated the way that “The Donald” ran business.  This book talks of many business ventures where O’Donnell would report that something would lose money, and “The Donald” would insist on doing it anyways.  Sometimes great men get an idea and plan out a strategy to make it happen.  “The Donald” would get an idea and go through with it even when all his advisors would tell him it was foolhardy.  It is no wonder that he had to file bankruptcy when the payments on his hotel casinos we way more than they were bringing in.  This book does not paint a flattering picture of Donald Trump.  It shows him more as a spoiled kid who just wants to get his way.  O’Donnell being an inside man to the interworkings of Trump’s operations got to see a side of him many did not.  After 3 years, O’Donnell became disenchanted with the whole operation and decided to quit.



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